A Cynic's Philosophy On Education

Poem By Jesse Ellsbury

Putting all things aside for a while....
Beckon indulgence inside to stay awhile...
Sweeten heart and mind tasting...
Relaxed in silence
...Oh how rewarding!

March 29,2011

Comments about A Cynic's Philosophy On Education

wonderful way of sating self by enlightening heart, beautiful write,10+++, thanks

5 out of 5
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Even Depressed People Say That They'Re Fine

Depression is something nobody gets,
not even those afflicted with it.
With the sponge on your eyes and the veil on your head,
you’re too busy wond’ring what it’s like to be dead

Life Isn'T Black And White, It's Gray

as gray as a storm-strewn winter day
or smoke coming out of an addict’s mouth,
every day is full of doubt
and it’s impossible to tell

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used to come easy,
the words would flow from my soul
like ink from a pen

For What

The greatest thing about a job well-done,
a war that’s won,
or a song well-sung
is the knowledge that you tried,

A Game Of Mug

Evening comes in a dark blue fog
staining the streets in shadow,
with god peeking through the keyhole of the moon
and the devils through the peepholes of the stars,


With the helicopters whirring their pale brown descent,
and the squirrels purring in trees where they don’t pay rent,
the birds hop from the sidewalk to the trees,
wings propelling them on the white-blue breeze,