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A Monster

Selfish, careless, and deranged
though touched by the thought, without a great reason
it'll never change.
it would much rather procrasniate.
it will mess with the minds of its own kind
this monster is exactly what it despises
a dirty hypocrite.
in this confusion
it will squeeze into, fit in, a non existence box
its a tight fit
it doesnt feel right
still it wears this box
the box, the label, the stereotype
its all it kind understand its as
they are their own monsters
this monster knows right and wrong
but still its enemies pain
make it smirk, it feels strong
a temporay solution, to a chronic problem
a enegry drink buzz, with an awful crash
it thrives to have what others want
and what it doesnt own
devours it alive
starting with its heart
becoming the steady, metronome beat
it takes complete control
this monster desires to be
wanted, loved, needed, understood,
but it fears to
want, love, need or understand
the monster walks by a mirror,
i gasp
what have i become?

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so u think urself to b a monster.......not fair.....nor r the reasons u gave fthat makes u feel like a monster..........for me one who doesn't know or doesn't want to know his/her bad qualities is a monster not the one who knows and is trying to know......i may b wrong though excellent work.....self analysing and introspecting oneself.......quality work cheers..... ;)