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A Moon Without A Face

Must I say goodbye to you
After you told me
I can never ever see your face
I feel the pain creeping into my heart
How truth hurts
It simply cuts deep into my heart
Must I say goodbye to you
And leave everything behind
I feel like wanting to go
'Cause loving you is hurting me so
There is nothing else I could do
But I go where dreams would lead me to
Your name I wanted to find
Your face I wanted to see
Your love I wanted to be mine
A desire I wanted to let go

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'Your love I wanted to be mine A desire I wanted to let go' Marvelous..........10.
Letting go is never easy, in fact it's living hell, but, sometimes we have to move on in order to save ourselves..........love the poem, the title is super! ! ! of course, I'm once of those dreamers who loves the moon... marci. :) ~~
My goodness..i never thought the PPDO is flocked by poets..nice write up Little Star...you never told us you have a 'Shakespearian' blood running in your heart.....
Hi Little Star. Thanks for reading my poem the lines 'eyes ashes of fire' having a look at all your work your name has a sound of fame in it. best of everything jaffray