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A Moonlit Love Story

Walking down that hill tonight
I saw a girl that I liked,
I smiled at her, she smiled at me,
She was as friendly as can be.
We sauntered down the moonlit path,
I sang a song and made her laugh,
But soon enough that path ran out,
I stopped her leaving with a shout.
I said to her, 'Kiss me now, '
She kissed me 'til her breath ran out.
Smiling as she walked away,
She kept me skipping through the day,
And when the shining sun was still
I made my way back to that hill.
Again I walked her to the ground,
Again we kissed when we were down,
But the third day that I returned
I walked alone those muddy turns.
The forth day was much the same,
The fifth, the sixth, she never came.
I wonder what became of her
On moonlit nights that I endure,
Each time I go, dreaming to see
Her pretty form in front of me.
Each and every night I go,
Each and every night I know
She won't be waiting there for me
But still I go and dare to dream
One day I will find her there
And make her mine forever.

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Stuart...what a lovely poem...there is something very magical about it. Typo on the line starting...Her pretty from of me... Hugs, Dee