A 'More (Love)

Poem By S.A.M. Tho'maz

The empowerment and lose,
of mind, body and spirit.
overwhelming every sense of self,
The warmth,
and hotness of it, addictive sometimes forbidden
That internal smile,
that spreads outward at just the thought of it once it enters your mind.
that suddenly spring forth in the midst of a hectic day,
The willingness,
to forgive and forget and walk into it's arms each time it enters your presence or invades your dreams.
An entrance,
of confusion and exiting of clarity.
The ultimate,
exquisiteness and ecstasy beyond the minds ability to comprehend when it takes you to that realm of out of being out of control.
The unwillingness to say no.
that turns your body and mind to jello at just the thought of it's touch.
The summation,
that life began when it entered your world, brought forth, awakend, created, dreams, embraces, yearning deeply, caressing, willingness to open your arms and heart, except it unconditionaly.
your very self, giving, sharing, taking, wonderful whispers to your very core.
The inability,
to shake it from our minds.
always giving yourself to it completely with out reservation.
The awareness,
that you can't let it go.
There is no life!
without you....

(Dedicated to those I have loved)
(01/02/07 Copyright)

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