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A Morning Dream
(1084 - 1151 / )

A Morning Dream

This morning I dreamed I followed
Widely spaced bells, ringing in the wind,
And climbed through mists to rosy clouds.
I realized my destined affinity
With An Ch'i-sheng the ancient sage.
I met unexpectedly O Lu-hua
The heavenly maiden.

Together we saw lotus roots as big as boats.
Together we ate jujubes as huge as melons.
We were the guests of those on swaying lotus seats.
They spoke in splendid language,
Full of subtle meanings.
The argued with sharp words over paradoxes.
We drank tea brewed on living fire.

Although this might not help the Emperor to govern,
It is endless happiness.
The life of men could be like this.

Why did I have to return to my former home,
Wake up, dress, sit in meditation.
Cover my ears to shut out the disgusting racket.
My heart knows I can never see my dream come true.
At least I can remember
That world and sigh.

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Comments (7)

Wonderful imagery and imaginary. So impressive. A brilliant poem on dream is amazingly shared.
So many shades of life of common people and the rulers and a string of dreams and hopes. Thanks. They spoke in splendid language, Full of subtle meanings. They argued with sharp words over paradoxes.
Nice imagery and great poem, Loved it...10
Well done thing for words, stunning Li Ching Chao, phenomenal.
..................oh truly the dream world can be such a wonderful peaceful place....loved reading this beautiful poem...
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