A Morning Exercise

FANCY, who leads the pastimes of the glad,
Full oft is pleased a wayward dart to throw;
Sending sad shadows after things not sad,

by William Wordsworth Click to read full poem

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Thanks for sending this
The great wordsworth we studied in the literature classes. he was always a passion.
Beneath her sway! ! Thanks for sharing.
A great write on nature by great poet William Wordsworth has been selected today as the poem of the day.
Deep love of Nature has inspired Wordsworth to indulge in descriptive beauty of Nature with myths fashing here and there makes his works as classical ones ever!
Through border wilds where naked Indians stray, Myriads of notes attest her subtle skill; A feathered task-master cries, 'WORK AWAY! ' And, in thy iteration, 'WHIP POOR WILL! ' Is heard the spirit of a toil-worn slave, Lashed out of life, not quiet in the grave. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - there are always lines in a wordsworth that stir the heart
A very good poem from the great poet so much interested.