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A Morning Letter

Good Morning girl, did I interrupt?
The dreams from the late thoughts,
Can I bring reality from what your imagination thought up?
I got that deep love.
That 'from young I was preparing for the day I meet the.....
Woman who my last name shall feature'.
Featuring the caress while you stress I gave with my dark fingertips.
For my eroded nails resemble the work of a perfect plan to be a man.
Now your minds free, my Cheri, I pronounce with French Speech,
as I construction with you stability.
My Statue of Liberty, holding the torch, we represent chivalry.
I look in your eyes whenever you speak,
For I see past, the defeat, your mind conceives beauty.
These other guys don't understand me. This comely is not commonly.
Along the way I realized a woman happy is the root of a man being given everything he perspired to see, from a wifey.
A foundation with you is prosperity.
A Leo, you my queen, conquering lands making hairs to the thrown;
Everyone envious of what we own is what I perspire to be.
Let me mind your mind and skip physical deviance.
First deviant because I know you need this!
Injecting mental scriptures, scripting Picasso art.
You envision the ignition and my key slipping in.
Turning you inside until I flow with your veins rhythm.
I just wanna cut, planting seeds until I stay in your thoughts.....
You forget when your menstrual cycle is beginning.
I listen to your words, can I help you in the kitchen?
Foot soaked, I rub both,
Whenever your hard days makes you feel happiness at work is an impossible mission.
When your tired can we lay and talk reminding me of who you are?
Though these nights seem dark we became a rock & let the moon resemble our mark.
Astronomically aligned to be so can we walk among the stars?

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In the flush of love a mind clogs and a tongue swells, yet emotions are something we struggle to hide... Love is the very thing we are here for... I liked your poem very much... Thank you...
A nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing it with us. E.K.L.
WOW i love it.very wonderful, she's a lucky charm! thanks for sharing!
This is a great read, nice way to end the piece also
A fantastic poem, I always found it hard to say what I felt, I also find it better to write it down.
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