A Morning Melody

Two black and white choristers
visit us each morning,
tuxedoed chests puffed,
heads tilted to one side.

We broadcast mince
which they attack greedily,
sharp beaks clicking,
black feet scurrying.

When breakfast is over,
they pose, side by side,
(like Domingo and Pavarotti)
stretch their black and white necks
and chortle magnificently.

by Alison Cassidy

Comments (20)

Musical memento to morn …but leaving an aftertaste even after breakfast…to me.. Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10
A sweet picture of happiness, a lovely image of country life. Best wishes, Andrew x
Absolutely charming. How very considerate of your musicians to appear in full concert attire for a command performance at daybreak.
Great imagery. Sweet and simple, love it. S x
In Canada, the majority of our feathered brethren take flight to warmer climes, much to my chagrin; for throughout this deep-freeze season, known as Winter, I for one, miss their ear-pleasing warblings. However, a certain comfort of some sort shall be taken in your bird-based verses. Thanks for posting this one. Warmest regards, Greg
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