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A Morning Poem For The Muse
(10 June 1978 / Cheshire, England)

A Morning Poem For The Muse

Poem By Matthew Holloway

A morning poem for the muse
Every morning I wake
I picture you beautiful
Like the rising sun
You bring light to my life
A new beginning to my soul
If I forget to say it
Always let it be known
You are beautiful
Kind of heart and nature
A loving friend
A soul companion
What more could I ask
Than all that you are
I picture you each morning
To see you beautiful

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The beauty here is more in other ways than physical beauty. You have done, whomever this person is, a great honor to tell tha she or he is beautiful in the way you so well indicate in your poem. I read this poem outloud several times to see how it would sound, and it did well in my ears. I`m not fond of poetry with no punctuation for some poets do it o bad that one, the reader, does not ever know where and when one line ends and anotther starts, but you poem thought devoid of this is well-written. I did not have any problem telling the lines, where the break should be and when they lines ends and where the lines start. This is good and sweet. Take care now!