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A Morning Tryst
(10 June 1978 / Cheshire, England)

A Morning Tryst

Poem By Matthew Holloway

It was perhaps four or five
In the morning as soft light
Broke through the window drapes
We lay together naked half asleep
Her head rested upon my chest
I held her in my arms
Such moments are a taste
Of something almost beyond perfect

As we both stirred to life
Whispers of I love yous
Soft kisses exchanged
Those eyes how I could live in them
The warmth of her body
Like a beautiful kiss to my soul

Soon we turned still kissing
Our bodies pressed closer now
Hands moving caressing each other
Legs wrapping around waist
Those eyes again wondrous, beautiful
I became lost within her

Nature took its course
And passion soon overwhelmed
We made love in that bed
I'll spare the details
But what a morning to wake to
A lovers tryst begins
And ends with a soft kiss
And a softer I love you

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Such a romantic morning! ! Wish i could wake to such a fine morning and got a bliss of love. Flow is so smooth. full of love and romance it gives a good feeling. Nice.