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Being Late
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Being Late

Poem By Dejan Stojanovic

-Enter father Beelzebub and Jack Vinney.

-Jack Vinney:
Old father Beelzebub my friend,
Will you aid one new to this land?
-Father Beelzebub:
On me you can always depend,
Show the man to my helping hand,

-Enter the Turkish Knight.

-Turkish Knight:
I've travelled far to reach this isle,
Seeking brave St. George to empale,
I have searched now for quite a while,
And it has been to no avail,
-Father Beelzebub:
It is my pleasure to reveal,
St. George shall be coming for tea,
His valour told in tales is real,
Wait a moment and that you'll see,

-Enter St. George.

-St. George:
Just now I met some Turkish men,
In what became a bloody scene,
They shall not bother me again,
I killed them for the king and queen,
-Turkish Knight:
I must know those spoken about,
It offends me St. George should gloat,
He and I shall now have it out,
In vengeance I will slit his throat,
-St. George:
You underestimate me sir,
Few if any to me compare.
You've committed a fatal err,
And for it badly you shall fare,
-Jack Vinney:
The poor Turkish knight met his match,
And has suffered for it as such,

-Enter Molly.

He's the man I'm trying to catch,
He swindled what to me was much,
-St. George:
I doubt you'll see what it is he does owe,
His time is coming to a close,
He was a respectable foe,
But his fate is the one he chose,
-Father Beelzebub:
This man must answer for his crime,
Is there a way to revive him?
-Jack Vinney:
If a doctor got here in time,
This man's end need not be so grim,

-Enter Dr. Good

-Dr. Good:
I shall fix this bloody mishap,
I've knowledge of unequalled scope,
Let me attend to this poor chap,
And for him again there is hope,

-The Turkish Knight is revived.

-Father Beelzebub:
Most noble St. George watch your back,
For I would not trust that Turk,

-St. George is cut down.

-Dr. Good:
He made a cowardly attack,
Now I must again get to work,
-Jack Vinney:
Such cowardice I cannot permit,
I will kill him for what he did,
May he have a restless spirit,
And his afterlife be wretched,

-Jack Vinney stabs the Turk.

Thanks to the wound left by your knife,
Now I cannot question the thief,
-Dr. Good:
I shall bring both men back to life,
As my skill is beyond belief,

-The Turk and St. George are revived.

-Father Beelzebub:
St. George has returned to the living,
The Doctor has righted the wrong,
It's such a miraculous thing,
Let us join together in song,
All is good and well at long last,
Let's give thanks for being so blessed,
Our troubles are now of the past,
Everything worked out for the best,
Dwelling on the past makes no sense,
Why not give a fresh start a chance,
So now let the good times commence,
And come and join us in a dance.

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