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A Most Unusual Pleasure
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A Most Unusual Pleasure

Poem By Charles Chaim Wax

Steamy night
even at 2: 42 AM
Coney Island
in summer
Joe Bauer and me
watching life
when Helen Linke
passed by
wearing a tight shirt and shorts.
I turned
not wanted to see her.
Bauer asked, “What was that all about, Bernstein?
looked nice.”
“Her body, sure
I showed you her picture.”
“Seen lots
but your naked women
show a part
breasts only
or buttocks
how can I recognize
a woman’s face just from a part of her body? ”
“You gotta have
the photographer’s eye.”
“That’s baloney.”
“Anyway I showed you
the photograph where she’s
holding a bullwhip
wearing a cowboy hat and boots
nothing else.”
“Oh, the girl with the whip.”
“You remembered the whip!
gotta be careful of her.
I don’t know
if she ever killed anyone
with that long leather whip
but she could
ice water
running through her veins
her voice
so sweet.
Suddenly I heard, “Bernstein”
and a moment later
Helen Linke stood before us saying,
“This guy I know
pictures of a few lashes
4: 15
3204 Mermaid Avenue
be there.”
“I gotta go home
for my camera.”
“Don’t never lie to me
in your pocket
where it always is
tiny digital number.”
The sweet voice
froze my blood.
forgot I had it.”
“Want some tonight? ”
she asked a smile on her face
then walked away.
Bauer said, “I wouldn’t mind having
some of her.”
“The lash
my friend
only the lash.”

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I liked how its a story and poem, very creative.