A Moth The Hue Of This


A Moth the hue of this
Haunts Candles in Brazil.

by Emily Dickinson Click to read full poem

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Do they look like the trinkets around the candle? ...true, nature likes all these....Emily's usual glowing words- 10
Emily....is incredible. My favourite poetess!
A Moth the hue of this Haunts Candles in Brazil. Nature's Experience would make Our Reddest Second pale. I love this poem. This is my first read of a poem in this site. Thank you Poem hunter for giving me scope to read such powerful poets at a time. I give 10 for it. I love this poe
A simple poem and with a simple message: Nature likes beauty.
ANd the nature plays its part in our EQ....Liked it. Thanks for sharing.
Nature is fond - so perfectly worded! A very sweet comparison of a girl's trinkets. Soft and soothing Emily!
As a Girl! And to respect nature. Thanks for sharing.
moths are cute! hehehe
........beautiful thoughts on nature....loved this one..
Good one, I like it please check and review my poems
Beautiful! ! ! ! I love this poem