A Mother

A Mother’s love starts from conception
Once in the womb, she has an obligation!

A Mother is there when things go wrong
Her hugs and kisses help you along!

A mother is the tender smile to guide your way
The sunshine to light your day!

A Mother has to be in the front row
For her child to have a better tomorrow!

A Mother is that sweet flower of love
Nothing can replace a mother’s love!

A Mother never puts you down
Her magic smile wipes away your frown!

A Mother always pushes you to go far
Tells you to believe in yourself, you are who you are!

A Mother is your best teacher and guide
She stands right by you side!

A Mother takes care of you in every way
She listens to what you have to say!

A Mother picks you up when you are down
She sticks around until you move on!

A Mother is someone who loves you
Regardless of who you are, she believes in you!
A Mother is a friend so dear
Day and night she is always near!

A Mother is the pillow you put your head down on
The light of the shoulder you rely on!

A Mother’s job has no end
Her unconditional love never comes to an end!

May 10,2015

by Rosie Bourget

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this is another inspiring poem for mothers! Nice try! ! ! !