SM (5/23/92 / Chicago, Illinois)

A Mother And A Death

As I step out of the shower,
I hear peoples voices saying, 'What a beautiful girl.'
And as I look into the mirror,
I don't see what other people see.....
What I see is totally different,
I see a young woman in a white, flowing dress looking back at me.
And as I stare into this woman's eyes,
I see trouble.
I see trouble within her eyes.....
I try to ask her what is wrong but I get no reply.

Later that evening as I look into the mirror,
I don't see the woman that was staring at me earlier.
So I try to ignore it. But later that night I hear the voices again, only this time its clearer.
I heard people scorning and turning up their noses at a woman.
I try to wake up, but it doesn’t work. So, I try to scream and call out my mother's name, but that doesn't work either. It was only then I realized that I was dying, slowly at first, then faster and faster.
I see the world around me spinning, tossing and turning too,
I try to say goodbye, but only a groan comes out of me.
The next thing I knew, I saw total darkness.

by Shannon Monroe

Comments (2)

i have only read 2 of your poems (so far) and have noticed you have a certain narative feal to your work. it is not a style i tend to write in, but i envy thoughs that can, aas it is harder to mold to a poem, but you seem to have masteered the style, and it come sout beutifuly
this is the best!