A Mother And Her Love

It's as precious as a Soul, being able to bear because God chose.
Listen to a mother who knows and life will uphold, keeping you on
your toes.
A blessing word, she always told, when life's dilemmas throws you
a blow, that often left you low.
Her gentle hand caused you to stand, to fight and demand for what
God has planned for all man.
A mother can be a daughter, aunt, niece or neighbor, long as her
love is strong and able, leading one to be stable.
She places her cards on the table and dares one to change the hand, she stands firm behind her command.
When that hand was switched that she was dealt, the disobeyed child was given the belt, although there was love within her heart she still felt.
Her powerful words should always be kept in the back of one's mind,
giving you help. Yep! Yep! Yep!
A mother's love is as wide as a sea, just as the sister who God
enabled to set hundreds of slaves free.
She encourages you to strive for the best and to never settle for less.
To all mothers from the north, east, south and west, as a mother,
I urge you to continue being a mother, pushing your child to
accomplish life's test and to not fall weak to the devil's mess.
So to my mother and all the rest, I wish you the very best!

by Marlene Taylor

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This is a very loving poem that reaches my heart, body and soul.