Thoughts Of Cotton Candy And Pin-Up Girls

Colorful lightbulbs
Decorate the footpaths and the castles
Of the Mexicans-
And a river runs through the
Filled with paper boats
That happen to be
Love letters burning-
The displaced rainbow trout
Stare up to-
As the clouds promise rain
With green horses drawing silver wagons
Filled with thoughts of cotton candy
And pin-up girls.

by Robert Rorabeck

Comments (8)

Wonderfully flowing, familiar to everyone yet quite special in itself. Very nicely done. -T. Bell
'A mother is a child She is younger than her children That is why she learns from them' Those lines rival anything I've seen these past few months for sheer poetic excellence- indeed the whole poem is mature, concise and insightful. Your poems are written fror a reason and I like that.
what a different poem. no one writes like this anymore. i love it. love always, starr
Wow, quite an amazing, touching poem....lots of imagry....excellent.
'...A being not be seen...' A typo I think but otherwise a very touching poem, congrats!
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