February 23

Light rain is falling in Central Park
but not on Upper Fifth Avenue or Central Park West
where sun and sky are yellow and blue
Winds are gusting on Washington Square
through the arches and on to LaGuardia Place
but calm is the corner of 8th Street and Second Avenue
which reminds me of something John Ashbery said
about his poem "Crazy Weather" he said
he was in favor of all kinds of weather
just so long as it's genuine weather
which is always unusually bad, unusually
good, or unusually indifferent,
since there isn't really any norm for weather
When he was a boy his mother met a friend
who said, "Isn't this funny weather?"

It was one of his earliest memories

by David Lehman

Comments (8)

Wonderfully flowing, familiar to everyone yet quite special in itself. Very nicely done. -T. Bell
'A mother is a child She is younger than her children That is why she learns from them' Those lines rival anything I've seen these past few months for sheer poetic excellence- indeed the whole poem is mature, concise and insightful. Your poems are written fror a reason and I like that.
what a different poem. no one writes like this anymore. i love it. love always, starr
Wow, quite an amazing, touching poem....lots of imagry....excellent.
'...A being not be seen...' A typo I think but otherwise a very touching poem, congrats!
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