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A Mother's Advice
AW Albert Wilson ( / Lisburn, County Antrim)

A Mother's Advice

A long time ago I asked my Mum
What sort of future I could expect,
My Mum was a widow of many years,
Her advice I had come to respect.
She said, "Son, life is not ever easy
Working hard each day just to live,
But look upon it as an adventure,
And give what only you can give."
"Give deep thoughts to your actions,
Give great thought to your deeds,
You may never ever know when
You have fulfilled anothers needs."
"Put out your hand to him firstly,
Whatever you give, give well,
For thanks, never look or ask,
Do what you can, then say farewell."
"Give what you can to help them,
Don't trumpet your giving aloud,
And whatever I am I will know,
My son, of you I will be proud."

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