A Mother's Collection: Tissues, Bones, And Blood '(Third)

Poem By Almedia Knight Oliver

You filled my life with joy
on that hot, sticky, July day in 1969...

Daddy had hoped the old car would survive to take us to
the hospital and back home- it did just that before taking
its rightful place in the car graveyard.

In spite of you being strangled and tangled by my umbilical cord,
you were destined to cross the threshold of the end of sixties and
Into the seventies of bell bottoms pants, huge Afros, and platform shoes
kicking up a storm! My little baby boy fought valiantly, unwinding the web
that he'd woven around his neck and was lifted to safety, then separated,
and became "YOU!

Boo, your tender heart, patience, has always been a delight!
You have a way of smiling appreciations for ordinary things
then, making them extraordinary. You're a caring husband, doting
father, and an enduring friend-each one helps to complete YOU!

Son, from that little boy to present, I promised you a "BIG CHECK"
Though, I have to admit, it must've gotten lost in the mail; but now,
I can give you my love; so take it, and deposit it in your heart!

Too, the universe shares a million stars, sun, moon, and rainbow.
The arc will always be your protection and your spirit guide-but
you can't touch it-no one can, so chase it with great delight-but
know you can't have it without rain!

Mom gift to you:

On teary days, wrap yourself in a colorful rainbow.Its a lifetime gift,
So cherish it!
Finally my dear, enjoy this special day-and others too.
Always know that after the rain and storm, a burst of
sunlight will brighten your way!

Happy Birthday, son!
July 6,2006

Comments about A Mother's Collection: Tissues, Bones, And Blood '(Third)

What a gift you have! The imagery, vivid use of word and colour is out standing! Amazed at this write! Love: D
‘…Now I’m giving you all my love. /Here, take it! Deposit it in your heart…’ Sprang from fountain head of heart …its Mom’s love …we must cherish and relish… But son changes …Mom stays same because Mom is MOM…well deployment of Deposit…thanks Ma’am Voted 10++ Ms. Nivedita UK
You filled my life with joy on that hot sticky summer day. Daddy had hoped the old car would live to bring us to the hospital and back-it did just that- but soon after was buried in the car grave yard.so beautiful, lovely and heart touching poem.... i simply loved it....10 read mine.childhood
The 'big check' was the love given and still being given.
a wonderful description! ! ! I loved so much the stanza of separation! ! ! We were separated and you became “you”... Bravo this maternal poem deserves 10!

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