' A Mother's Day Denied '

No tears fall harder, than those of
a broken hearted mother, she carries
her child around until it's ready to arrive

She bears the labor pains no matter how
long it takes, because she knows her
prize is the moment she holds her child

From that moment on she tries to soften
each blow she knows without a doubt life
will throw

Yet late one night she gets that phone call
every mother dreads, a bearer of bad news
informs her that her child is dead, her tears
sound like lead falling in an empty steel drum
her legs give out her body goes numb

Now every year for the rest of her life, instead
of laughter she cries, because of someone's
selfishness, the rest of her 'Mother Days Are Denied'

Poet: Tina Marie Clark

by Tina Marie Clark

Comments (2)

It’s very good. Read ‘Kites’ by Giovanni Pascoli: it’s equally very good.
powerful. it honestly breaks my heart, even though ive never gone through anything like that. Your emotion is beautifully expressed