A Mother's Lament

Where does the laughter go?
The dancing glances of teasing,
Gestures of pleasing…where does it go?

All the years of growing, being aware…
But not really knowing -
That the nest would empty soon.
Where does time go?

In the depths of my soul, a sadness grows -
From the separation of roots - eternal bonds -
That were not meant to break...why does it ache?

How do I fill a hole with depth so great -
That mothers don't anticipate at a child's birth?
Nothing is so deep and wide -
To begin to replace what's missing inside…

For an answer I prayed.

The only recourse is to adjust my stride…
Convince myself; put aside my pride -
And admit that my feelings lied.

But I still don't know…
Where does the laughter go?


by Marquita Lawson

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put aside my pride, beautiful