A Mother's Love

You are in this world now,
Little precious one of mine.
Took forever it seemed,
But it was finally time.

You came out so beautiful,
And with so much hair,
You have green eyes,
And dimples here and there.

Ten toes, ten fingers,
A beautiful nose and cheeks,
Soft skin and a grin,
You’ve made me so complete.

I will teach you about life’s lessons,
The good and the bad,
Always remembering
Sometimes life is sad.

But it is those trials
That will always make you strong,
You will be a better person
When you can admit you are wrong.

We will have good times,
We will laugh until we cry.
Make memories that will be
Forever etched in our minds.

But no matter what life brings us,
You will always be my child.
Through the good and the bad,
You will always make me smile.

by Kristi Wilkinson

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Vivid love from a mother to her child, we can read all the affection through your words, protective and genuine. Beautiful unconditional love, just as all moms should feel. Thanks!