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A Mother's Love

It is the saddest thing to be without a caring mother,
For a love that transcends time in all things or another,
Caring, nourishing, patience to a lonely frightened child,
Setting you on an honest, correct path letting you not to be wild,
A mother's caress, cuddling a babe in her open arms,
It is one of life's blessings to be cherished by her maternal charms,
A mother's love is the greatest love on this eternal earth,
For Tis a mother who brought you into this world by birth,
We can ignore her, yell at her, and curse the day we were born,
For when she is gone we look for love and guidance so forlorn,
Memories so sweet and tender of her love so dear,
But it's gone forever, her memory for us is not very clear,
We grow old and frail in our life's span,
It is God's wish to give us a mother, for it is his plan.

by David Schwartz

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I agree....It is very hard without a mother....that is one of the things everyone should feel.....the love of a mother...Nice poem. Sincerely, mary