CH (June/64 / New England, USA)

A Mother's Promise

As if it were yesterday, I recall the first time we were alone.
A few moments together, you were just two hours old.
I was stunned by your beauty, overwhelmed with love...
As I held you, I kissed you, I knew I had a promise to uphold.

I still mourn the closeness of you and I, as you grew within me.
I remember the feeling of your movements so vivid.
Your little kicks, your restless to enter this world.
I knew even then, the incredible bond, as I marveled who you'd be.

A precious gift from Heaven, an honor to be entrusted with your Soul,
You may have been born from me, my precious Daughter,
But you're not mine to keep.
You're mine to guide, to love, to someday let go.

It is true I must teach you to conform to your human being...
There are rules of what is right...what is wrong, unfortunate restraints.
But I must encourage your journey of your 'here and now',
As you make your encourage your Soul to remain free.

For there is compassion, humility, tolerance, integrity to be taught.
To learn to be humble to your rises, to be humble of your falls.
I will bestow the gift of intuition, the gifts of courage and dignity,
The Secrets of the Universe...if your Soul will allow me.

Sometimes I will make mistakes, speak unwanted words of wisdom.
I must recognize the things unspoken between Mother & Daughter.
When to stand back, not stifle your dreams, no matter what tears may fall...
For at times our life lessons may become entangled,
For you will teach me too, my love.

You may have been born from me, my precious Daughter.
But you're not mine to keep.
You're mine to guide, to love, to someday let go...for now...
I will still watch you as you sleep, love the world you share with me...
And someday, be truly amazed at the woman you'll suddenly become.

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Soft and sweet flow of motherly emotions for the chip of her soul. CP
a tapestry of emotions a quilt of care so well stashed through these beautiful bonds that you have shared in your fine piece
Thanks our dearest fellow-poet Cathleen Hodgkinson. You offered a brilliant, tender poem framed with the wonderful mission of how to raise a child. I enjoyed it and give it a 10+. May God bless you and your poems (of such a divine vision) . Joseph S. Josephides Member of the International Society of Poets (ISP) Int.Lib.Poetry awarded
A beautiful poem written in tenderness, you express beautifully the wonder of your child, and the awesome responsibility and blessings of raising that child. It is awe-inspiring. I enjoyed your beautiful poem.
A lovely moving poem. Brilliant.
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