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A Mother's Seed Of Love
AS ( / London, UK)

A Mother's Seed Of Love

A seed has been planted in my heart by you.
It grows and grows, and continues to flourish.
It makes my soul feel like a garden.

A garden unlike any other.
A garden where flowers smell fresh and sweet.
A garden where grass is greener than the greenest leaf.

How long can you tend this garden my child?
How long can you be mine?
Shall I wait ‘til you grow up?
Or should I draw a line?

A line from now to prepare myself,
For pain that’s coming up?
When you grow up and show me then,
That you can hold your cup?

That you can read to yourself,
That you can write your name?
That you can ride your bicycle,
Make up your own game?

That you won’t need to tend this garden,
For very long?
That you will grow a garden of your own,
That has its own song?

But maybe, and here’s my wish,
Perhaps I may be wrong,
Maybe you will not forget,
The magic of our song?

It will be a strength to you,
In times of trouble dear,
And you’ll always value me,
And know I am so near.

Know my prayers are with you,
For now and ever, true,
And I’ll take comfort in the fact,
I did right by you.

There is a garden that awaits me,
For this work I do,
One that sets me free from pain.

Of loving you so much,
And giving you what I can,
Giving you my gentle touch.

So fear not, this love is pure,
As pure as God has made it,
Dear son, in this you can be sure,
I love you, don’t forget it.

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Comments (9)

Nice poem God Bless You
The last line says it all, though your love shines right through the poem. Love, Irene
A Loving tribute to a well loved son. A beautiful poem of love. God bless. Michael Jeffrey Gale.
speechless...incredible...beautiful...lovely...gentle...noble...soft...i think i can remember only so many words right at this emotionally beautiful moment. Lubna
A good mother's heart of love for her child is brought out extremely well in a very moving, gently flowing and beautiful verse form. GOOD WRITE INDEED. With regards, Dr John Celes
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