Fragments - Lines 0213 - 0218

My heart, display toward all your friends a changeful character,
Adding into it the disposition that each one has.
Adopt the disposition of the octopus, crafty in its convolutions, which takes on
The appearance of whatever rock it has dealings with.
At one moment follow along this way, but at the next change the color of your skin:
You can be sure that cleverness proves better than inflexibility.

by Theognis

Comments (9)

Nice poem God Bless You
The last line says it all, though your love shines right through the poem. Love, Irene
A Loving tribute to a well loved son. A beautiful poem of love. God bless. Michael Jeffrey Gale.
speechless...incredible...beautiful...lovely...gentle...noble...soft...i think i can remember only so many words right at this emotionally beautiful moment. Lubna
A good mother's heart of love for her child is brought out extremely well in a very moving, gently flowing and beautiful verse form. GOOD WRITE INDEED. With regards, Dr John Celes
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