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A Mother's Sorrow
RF Rachel Fogle (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

A Mother's Sorrow

Heartbeat so strong,
Beating fast holding on.

Mothers tears falling down,
Slowly allowing time to fade round.

Guilty conscience its ok,
No time for sadness,
No time for blame.

Doctors that come bringing sadness and hope,
Reality sinks in dose by dose.

Gentle hand, beautiful smile.
Nothing like the love of ones child.

Anger at all that's happened and still,
Cannot change what must be gods will.

Families that circle and bring comfort to all.
Will share ones strength when the other must fall.

Stronger men have come and gone.
While women have wept and stood strong to carry on.

No matter the distance,
Or time and space,
Heartache will heal,
And the emptyness fade.

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Love the poem its beautiful