A Mother's Wings

To the Calf's call in a herd,
How its mother rushes to feed?
To the chicks' mouth wide open
How its mother feeds one by one?

To the hungry cubs in a den
How with food rushes the lion?
To the kittens newly born
How a cat feeds them on?

Under their mothers' wings
These new born younger beings
How the nature allows them to stay
Until they can run or fly away?

A bird or an animal cares not,
Once its kid stands on its feet
And it forgets next minute
Its own kid where to meet?

Not so in the human kingdom
'Cause there's more wisdom
That allows its bondage seldom
Broken into a blood of freedom.

To them the mother's wing,
A shield, a boon, life long,
As she cares, old or young,
Even if her kids go wrong.

Is there any known creature
More than a divine mother
An embodiment of love ever
What a God-given human nature!

by Rajaram Ramachandran

Comments (7)

Mother is not comparable to any other.... Top of all... One more true poem
anything related to ' Mother ' is simply great; Poem also is great; thanks for sharing
The desire to be nurtured is universal. The unconditional love of a mother is incomparable. Beautiful poem. Warm regards, Sandra
very interesting the comparison from animals motherhood to a human. very nice words. it is great
True to the core..I love my mom
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