A Mother To Me

How sweet it is; a mother’s touch…
One that comforts you when you’re sad
The one that knows the various
Colors of our days.

How comforting it is, to know that
There will be someone in the gap
Standing for you where no one wants to be
How comforting; a mother’s care.

How loving it is; a mother’s unconditional,
Incessant, and consistant love.
Always so aware of what’s going on
She’s aware of the lies and still forgives.

How blessed is one; to have a mothers’ figure
Not only the one that anticipated God’s love and way
Of carrying (you) and making, and raising one…
But any woman that dares to love one
Unconditionally is a mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Marie S. Brévil


by MarieLove Brevil

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