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A Mothers Day Out - Society Fallen!
DW (May 1,1967 / Aberdeen, Wa)

A Mothers Day Out - Society Fallen!

Poem By Darren Watters

She entered the club dressed to thrill
Long Long legs short mini skirt what a view
34 years old mother of two
you couldn't tell she was married
except for the clue
but who cares about the ring or what it means
vows at the altar so passe a thing
the moment is now

she's there for the money
she's there for the drugs
an ecstasy junky that everyone loves
she's there for escape
into the stalls she goes like a pro
she did 6 guys that night in all
four at 200 a throw
two more at the bar at 100 a pop
yet she leaves the club broke unable to stop
money gone not even enough for a cab
1,000 gone not to mention all pride
nothing left but the shame of her fame

an escape from reality she had achieved
later that night or next morning it is
she comes home to a husband none wiser
she told him she was out visiting friends
as this is done weekly he hasn't a clue
even though her actions are nicer

Sunday you see them at church
a family unit so strong so proud
who could guess of the lifestyle
who would guess of the drugs
could it be her friend Jamie
her friend from church who knows all
for her Jamie was there too doing it all
escaping like her from reality true
thus who is she to cast stones
at the lifestyle chosen by her
or for that matter herself all righteous and pieous

all in all it is clear
society fallen
no morals no conscientious
no judgement by peers
everyone except everyone
no judgment at all
is it a wonder to see morality fallen
divorces increasing marriage vows broken

Armageddon is coming not soon enough
to hell cometh faster our sins of mans nature!
embracement of self pleasure and even pain
go forth before GOD come on thee Judgement Day!

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