A Mountain Speaks

That distant valley
Far below
Was I...as a child
........Eons ago

by James B. Earley Click to read full poem

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Beautiful is the sleeping mountain and beautiful is the poem describing it.
Very inspiring write. I hope I could make one like this ;)
This poem has many layers... I am very moved by your observations. I've probably seen that mountain [I was once a stewardess living in Burlingame]. We all are as grains of sand and together we form God's beach.
I agree with all other comments....wordless more I clap...keep clapping...and...may my endless clapping reach that speaking mountain...special clapping for thoe last two lines....awesome
There's a lot of benefit by reading this page. My heart is touched by the beautiful words and inspired me to write more good poems... and I also got to learn a bit of history and geography! ! ! Thanks a lot.10++++++ from me......
what a beautiful write.................. you have truly spoken for the mountain....well penned
oh yes, it is so and it is not so. what happened so long ago. i also have a sleeping lady. she lays between the blue of sky and sea. i will put it my poems, tomorrow just for you. amazing this time i did not vote and the comment area came to life. dunno. but love it. thanks for sharing
a philosophical read, with profound thought weaved flawlessly
Though beautifully concise, the vivid imagery speaks volumes. Excellent rendering of man's minute position in God's Timelessness.
I read some of your poems...not only are they well written, they are also well- thought! It seems like in each poems, you reflect deeply on things and circumstances you encounter. Each of us have our own unique interpretations about poems. I hope my interpretation hits your own even a little. The mountain speaks... it has spoken to you during your quiet times. As you gazed at the mountain's beauty, you began to think of your worth, your existence. At the end, you realized again that you are a mere speck of sand in the world... you may be insignificant to others but still, you are important to others no matter how few they are. I believe that God uses things and people to help and talk to us. Just think of how he used Mt. Talapaise to connect with you... By the way, thanks for your comment. God bless and take care.
Very yrue my friend man is an insignificant speck in the vastness of creation
Dear Mr.James B.Earley It is very refreshing to read your cute poems. I think Mnt. Talapaise is really influencing your verses with her beauty and magnanimity. I read some of of your poems they are great. For your kind information I do not feel I am matured enough to write comments about your poems as my exprience is English literature is very minimal, I studied commerce and Law both subjects drains away one's artistic talents. So here I am posting my poems inroder to tease all of you. Greetings Satheesan rangorath
This is truly a work of art.
Beautiful meaningful write, James...in fact it is you who speaks here, the mountain responding to your words in your mind...10/10
You speak like the father of our fathers, wise and grand but always at level. Written in such a way that one can hear your voice like a sunset coming up behind the mountain. My native lakota blood touched base here for a moment. Thank you.
James! I'm gobsmacked! not only withy your poem, but with your poets notes! , you are saved as one of my favorite poets! thank you, regards Bob
James what a beautifull and peacefull write, it is so filled with beauty and warmth.. This is absolutly wonderfull..... I am so glad I have read this..... You have a magnificent mind.... Bonnie
James this is Beautiful! You reflect so well...and share your sightings so magnificently.....I Love the insight you weaved into this piece of art. Thanx so much for sharing with us............... ((smile)) Shelley
You gave her a beautiful and spiritual voice. Wonderful poem.
A very original thought-the reflections of a mountain which has been here before man and will be after. A good read. Kate