A Mountain Speaks

That distant valley
Far below
Was I...as a child
........Eons ago

by James B. Earley Click to read full poem

Comments (38)

Lovely idea for a poem, one that transcends time...the montain watches silently, reflecting, and ages come and go. Wonderful!
James, I love the way your poem flows. It is a pleasure to read.
Delightful James, living on a mountain as we do I totally relate. Thanks for the word picture.
Hello, My name is M Rene Riel and I totally enjoyed A Mountain Speaks it has such a wonderful flow of natural rythym. Rene
BIG PS....... WORTHY OF A 10! ! ! ! ! ! in my oppion......
What a beautifull and serene write.... So filled with wisdom and beauty... Totally enjoyed this one... Why is it I have not read your poetry before? ? ? Beautifull! ! Bonnie
Ahh this is truly a treasure and will be one of my favourites for a very long time. Thankyou so much for this one James. Melvina
yes... thats true.. so beautifully written..
I enjoyed reading this poem. It made me reflect back on my childhood and also glimpse into the future. I'm not in such a rush now to age and will treasure the time I have with my family. Thank you for your wonderful writing.
Thank God! I found another R&R poet, on my birthday no less. I loved your poem and I am honored to meet you. I had seen your name but I expected the worst and got the best. You are on my list of visits and Friends and your poem deserves a ten! Happy Easter to you and for me! GW62
My wife introduced me to your work I echo her sentiments.How pleasant to read real poetry by someone who understands the rules ivor Hogg aka poeticpiers
How nice it is to find a true poet; one who can put out his ideas down in a disciplined way. The rhythm of your philosophy is music to my ears. Irene
You express a philosophical truth about growing old, James, and I like the conceit of having the mountain speak it. Yes, life is cyclical and we are the sum of all that has happened to us and around us, however large and grand we look on the outside. Your other poems express a similar humility and i like them very much.
So impressed with this poem.Great title and great vision went into speaking for the mountain ((Smile)) ...neat different kind of perspective to write from! I so enjoyed this piece and I Thank U so much for sharing. Keep up the Great work..... Shelley
Wonderful title and wonderful poem, thanks for sharing, Lynda xx
Love your crisp style and understated delivery. Wisdom with just a touch of angst. A grain of sand indeed. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
You have a fresh wonderful style, James. Keep writing and sharing! Marilyn
What an amazing Write of profound philosophy; I've thoroughly enjoyed the read...excellent portrayal, James...' on God's beach of time'! Many thanks for your recent Review of my work! God be with you, Emilia :)