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A Multicultural Millstreet I Thought I'D Never See The Day

A Multicultural Millstreet I thought I'd never see the day
And the changes keep on happening in the old Town far away
From images on the Millstreet Web site few faces I do recognize
A multicultural Millstreet that comes as a surprise.

A multicultural Millstreet where I lived years ago
The changes are occuring there and that is nice to know
The Millstreet I was raised in was a monocultural place
But now in the Town by Clara Hill there's many a new face.

A multicultural Millstreet that does seem a great thing
Their food and music with their culture new people with them bring
A place of many Races now of black and white and brown
And changes for the better in the old Duhallow Town.

A multicultural Millstreet great changes occuring there
In that old Town by Clara Hill where migrants once were rare
'Twould seem that monoculture there has passed it's use by date
And a multicultural Millstreet is something we should celebrate.

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