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A Multicultural Millstreet

I've been told 'tis a changed place from the place I did know
Where the old Finnow river to the Blackwater flow
But the landscape as such would not have changed much at all
Every bend of the river I still can recall.

But lots of new people in the Town of Millstreet
And new Irish people live on every street
Yes Millstreet is now carving it's own renown
As north Cork and Duhallow's most multicultural Town.

Of the old Duhallow the bards well may sing
But a multicultural Millstreet is such a good thing
Once migrants in Millstreet did seem very rare
Whilst many of the local youth went off to live elsewhere.

Some long time locals of Millstreet must find this quite strange
But in time they too will come to terms with change
For multiculturalism is a thing that we ought to embrace
We all after all are part of the one race.

Of a multicultural Millstreet I feel so happy to hear
The best news I've heard from there for many a year
It thrills me to think that people from other Lands live there
Since I myself went off for to live elsewhere.

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