A Musing

Thoughts come
without warning
through rich scented earth
and wet grass
inhaled, slowly
way down to my feet
and out through
my deeply embedded toes
that throw off
shimmers of dew
that glisten on trees
and alight the horizon

Copyright ©2005

by Adryan Barnathan

Comments (7)

Vivid, moving, calming, perfect.
A setting to be inspired to write, to smell out memories, that moments ago seemed so distant, and feel my way through to the future..I've felt this way before, but you've put it down so beautifully in words!
Just close your eyes on a sunlit warm summers morning standing in a freshly mown hayfield and commune with nature.Thats how I feel about this poem.A wonderful presentation filled with the smells, feel, and spiritual essence of nature. Thanks Adrienne - Sid John.
Are you kidding me? This is beautiful, just beautiful! I love it! God bless!
I am in awe of your imagery! This poem has a magical quality to it somehow. Extremely breathtaking!
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