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A Myriad Of Coloured Dreams...
(09/1965 / Australia)

A Myriad Of Coloured Dreams...

Cast into a myriad of coloured dreams
Where Myrtle's blooms bursts rainbows
Upon my outstretced sleeping form
My mind busily wanders, entranced
Lost deep inside a world of need
Silent sweat trickles down my ribs
Like abandoned streams
Traversing the desert of my skin.

In night do I bloom with loves passion
A fragrance untouched by day
I am a Camellia clinging on desire's wall
Awaiting the rising of nights sun
To cast it's brilliance upon me
As the delicate petals of my soul
Prepare their beckoning allure
As the sky weaps and the stones cry.

Early in the jasmine scented morn
Before the sun kisses the night
With my tongue I lick my lips
Finding only the taste that is you
I dream you paint my lips with it when I sleep
As a sweet remembrance
To console my pleading heart
As I awaken
....................to only me.

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