A Myriad Of Dreams

To dream of those who passed away
Is sometimes hard to bear,
But when we dream another day,
We praise God for His care...
To think, that we can dream at all,
Is wondrous and benign...
Each time a loved one comes to call,
We lose the need to pine...

It helps when movie stars are seen,
Celebrities and such,
With some dynamic, some serene
And those we love so much...
Perhaps romance reminds us, too,
Of what love still exists,
With ever-changing points of view
So that our faith persists...

Consider visions, prophecies,
Or warnings now and then...
Who knows what Jesus thinks of these?
They prove beyond our ken...
But mostly dreams just come and go,
Some random, hit-and-miss,
Yet when I dream of you, I know
A sense of perfect bliss...

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