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A Mysterious Neighbour
SM (5th October / Mumbai - India)

A Mysterious Neighbour

Poem By Sandra Martyres

Sprightly and very much alive
For someone seventy-five
Wearing her trade mark sunglasses
To hide any trace of wrinkles
Are these accessories
Armour to preserve
Her ever youthful image?
Every gesture
Is carefully choreographed
To leave behind an aura of mystery
No one knows her history
Some think she may have been
A fashion designer or a
Classical dancer of yesteryear
Which she neither confirms nor denies
All this conjecture perhaps
Stems from her own wild imaginings
She drops little hints while talking
Leaving people to conclude
That after an illustrious past
She has settled down
In the vicinity to a more
Peaceful and relaxed existence
Yet no one dares question her
Fearing her sarcasm
With haiku-like concision
While fielding difficult questions
From curious neighbours
So she will continue to be an enigma
Until someone uncovers
Her true story –if there is one

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Comments (22)

haha..we are curious one bit arent we all? ..loved this one
I loved the story and the psychology underlining this write. A wonderful read.
Every person may have such an odd past and nobody can really dig it out. In a way, it is unnecessary also. What is important is the present time. One may be a missionary now but might have been a criminal decades ago. So what? Does the past matter to us more than the present? Let us just accept the present and get on with it. To accept or reject that person is an individual question. We can listen to the whisperings of life. It is reflective and contemplative and nothing more than that.
An interesting story, that ends with a continued suspense. I expect Part II of this one soon from your pen. This poem reminds me a academy award winning movie by name Fedora.......Very good composition.
Nicely composed keeping the enigma ongoing while revealing only what adds to but does not solve it. The ending is a good one.