A Mystery

Poem By Joshua Neumann

Inching closer to the truth i must believe. 
Asking for the answers, not willing to receive.
There're lies that cloud the reason,
A mystery for me. 

A puzzle that could mess up our planet's greatest minds.
A labyrinth you couldn't even find. 

I wait and wait forever,
It never comes to me.
I find that it is something
but an abstract mind could see.

Comments about A Mystery

The Puzzle Box is there to see A roundish thing most certainly For it contains the truth as well as falsehoods, also. Believers, accept that which they want to know. But the box is older yet Than those who often fret Seeking answers that will reveal The future and mysteries (they may conceal.) For those who speak with such authority Are no more capable than the minority In forecasting the future and the box's fate That will surely come in some far off date. The box grows warm from who knows what Perhaps it's due to man's actions about Or maybe it's just a timely change That comes about as tectonic plates rearrange. Regardless, what the seer's see Is meaningless, as it is a mystery Not to be revealed until history records That man passed this way, untoward. So much for global warming being manmade. s

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