A Mystic Hears The ‚invitation Of Love‘..‚come Home‘.

A mystic hears the ‚invitation of love‘
which ‚draws interior souls towards the one‘
and says: ‚come home‘.

Ruysbroeck saw the possibility of man
as ‚deiform‘.

He writes:
„When we possess the God-seeing life,
we feel ourselves, there shines forth
upon the face of our inward being
a brightness which enlightens our reason,
and is an intermediary between ourselves
and God.

And if we with our enlightened reason
abide within ourselves in this brightness,
we feel that our created life
incessantly immerses itself
in its eternal life'.

by Genova Maaa my mother

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The visionary hears 'The invitation of love' which captivates interior spirits towards 'The One' and whispers Come home! Ruysbroeck saw the feasibility of man being 'God-like'. When we have the gift of 'God-seeing' life, we are in tune with ourselves and upon the face of our 'inner self' there is an intense illumination which sheds light on our senses and is a conciliator between ourselves and God. And we, if with our informed acumen/insight live within ourselves with this brilliance, we feel that our discovered life perpetually submerges itself in its hereafter.