A Mystic Is A Religious Artist

A mystic is a religious artist
determined to give form to his vision.
Both the vision and the artist's creation
are the products of the love of God.

The artist and the mystic is
inseparably bound together in a mystic.

They are committed to the
passionate search for truth.
It is a real obsession.

The synthesis of mystic graces
and aesthetic sensitivity
enables him to transcend
the rational and intuit the whole
through prehension than

by Genova Maaa my mother

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A mystic is a spiritual crafts person who is resolute to design and create his perfect picture. Both the perspective and the artist's concept are the consequences of the love of God. The artist and the mystic are entwined together within the mystic. They are dedicated to seeking the truth. It is a real fixation. The amalgamation of spiritual graces and artistic consciousness enables the visionary to go beyond reason and discern the whole through perceptiveness rather than through ability and understanding.