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A Mystical Dream

A Mystical Dream


I see a mystic believer in my dream,
He's literally talking to God,
He believes God is talking in the heaven,
And he listens to Him on the earth,
He's unusually pleasant, and contented-
unmindful of ugliness.
He says I open my ears to God,
He explains the book of knowledge,
He'saverse to all that is unreal,
He says this world is a child's fantasy,
Like an innocent child, he burries,
His head in mother's breasts,
So as not to see and recognise,
Someone other than his mother,
He murmers to himself:
Light is life, the music is it's breath
In my dream I met him on the roadside,
On the same road, that leads to Eden
He's telling me:
When you turn your back to the world, you will hear the celestial music-
Look up, look around, He says
When I look up, and turn my eyes around,
I see no other thing but the cool and bright light-
a white blanket spread over the garden
We sat side by side in the garden
Watching to our amazament- -
No sun, no moon in the garden
no planets, no stars in the garden
No hot, No cold; in the garden
No day, No night, in the garden
No seasons rotate in the garden
But still the garden is shining,
And glittering with light upon light
It is this light that I adore and love


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