A Myth About The Origin Of Evil

Poem By Miroslava Odalovic

And satan said:
‘Let there be a lie! ’
And there was a lie.
It hid in the stones
Sliding from above.

And satan said:
‘Let there be hypocrisy! ’
And there was hypocrisy.
It hid in the words
Waiting to speak up.
It covered itself with cobwebs
Spiders to feed.
It hid itself from itself.

And satan said:
‘Let there be poison! ’
And there was poison.
The devils waving their swords
Spilled it from a stormy breath.
It layered on the earth
To run with its currents.
It hid within the blood.

And satan said:
‘Let there be hatred! ’
And there was hatred.
It spilled all around
Like blood that cannot clot.
It walked in tigers’ paws
And hid itself in the end
Under the cold mossy north.

And satan said:
‘Let there be a human! ’
And there was a human.
He hid in the hypocrisy and lie
The poison of hatred fed him like milk.
A pirate wrapped in his sails.
And there was a human
In beasts he hid.

And satan said:
‘Let him think I am not! ’
But it was not the way he said.
There was a lie in the beginning of his word.

Written in 1989 reconstructed in 2012.

©Miroslava Odalovic

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