A Name

"To name it is to give it life,"
babe born of man and his taken wife.
Used for a lifetime to identify,
your heart and soul until you die.
Owned, not borrowed, there is no spare,
the essence of you, it does declare.

But if a woman you happen to be,
you give it up for a $7.00 fee.
To man you promise to be his wife,
and carry HIS name for the rest of your life.
Something so precious as your given handle,
can be thrown away like a burned down candle.

A son's honour is to carry his name,
why can't a daughter be graced the same?
Your mom and dad gave it so free,
when your mom lost hers for a $7.00 fee.

Love is sharing that cupid dart,
man is the head and woman the heart.
Why can't he change his tag, she sings,
on credit cards and other things.
Stand up, fight back, do not be bought,
give not your name, give him your heart.

by Lil Lowry

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