A Name Of Compassion 'Mother Teresa'

'On body she wears cheap sari, in height even bit short,

Having firm courage, in her mind she had strong Quotes'

'First step she had taken to be nun in life, with no more leisure and desire,

As all we know, on holy path no one could get bliss but the hurting fire'

'She was accepting what comes on her way,

It was her humble nature that's let her stay'

'She tried to treat, which can't be cured,

It wasn't any magic in her hand but help of the Lord'

'What is dreadful, she doesn't have that sense,

Sympathy, respect even acceptance for who is being helpless'

'Hugs for leprosy and love for slumy people,

It was her behaviour to keep it carries as her Goal'

'From a chair she started her first school,

Which became after the living life tool'

'Everything had been showered even a moment of her life,

Given such lessons, no matter one is fair or in heart has knife'

'she had such relation with humanity,

By getting rid of such insanity'

'It was her worship towards lord and actually the passion,

She is The Mother Teresa, A Name of Compassion'

-Samar Sudha

by Samar Sudha

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~~Mother Theresa is one of my heroes. A beautiful tribute, Samar. Have you written this in your native language? If so, post it here for your countrymen to read. I understood your intent in every line but the English was still a little rough. Peace
Indeed, the name Mother Teresa epitomizes agape and compassion. Her mission on Earth was to foster Universal Brotherhood of Man. A beautiful piece of poetry insightfully penned with conviction. A lovely poem indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.