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by gulji girdhari

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Between the water and a winding slope a rude and natural causeway is interposed and a narrow girdle of rough stones and crags is amazingly and brilliantly observed and the theme is beautifully expressed in this interesting and well drafted poem. From first to last every line clearly gives nice information. This is excellent poem! ...10
Self-reproach! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
LAST PART: all in detail, but every detail in nature he won´t forget as we can read those in this epic poem….W.W. was one of my fav.poets and till now he still is....Thank you for sharing his marvelous poem. My respect for W.W. is always greatest and his poetry I so admired all my life....
MIDDLE PART: Except a brilliant nature poet, a true member of the romantics, he is also an excellent keen observer of the life-path he was walking upon. The reader would inherit unconsciously his extra gift, he amused me so much, since he could notice every plant, trees, flower and even the sight of a countryman, the peasant of that towny view,
FIRST PART: Absolutely a poet of his surroundings, aware of every detail he is observing and has seen, Not only of nature as he is known to be BUT also of human things, he noticed the slightest changes.
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