Why Are You Mad?

Why are you mad? Because I didn't come to your aid?
Are you upset? Or are you really afraid?
I'm tired, of always kissing your feet.
It makes me angry, right as I speak.
You call, I come, just the way you like it.
I keep up a smile, even when I fight it.
You push and push, till I'm ready to fall.
I feel so small, back when I used to crawl.
You make me upset, the way you treat me.
Then you think that you will always keep me.
I'm so sleepy, but you don't seem to care.
Wake me on up, which is so unfair.
I'm not happy, with life or with you.
Why not take the time, to walk in my shoes.
But you kick it to the side and laugh in my face.
Tell me I'm not going anywhere and will not be replaced.
I guess I'm stuck forever; it's just me and you.
I'm really ashamed, because I'm the fool.
I wish I can go, far, far away.
But I guess not, I'm here to stay.
But then I'm the one who has to pay.
No matter what I do or say.
But it's okay, I will have my day.
Then things will finally go my way.

by Triauna Hall

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