JB (1933 / Ennis Canada)

A Need For Binding Rederendums... Mar 20th,2014

Government bureaucracies tend to be as rigid as stone,
While the rest of us ordinary folk tend to groan and moan,
The Parole Board is a graphic example of this power,
Where court decisions and prison sentences are lowered.

You heard about those parole boards that tend to let the prisoners loose,
Setting free thieves, robbers, murderers, rapists and other abuse,
And no one seems to question their decisions so therefore they're right,
But who are these political appointees who don't seem too bright?

There's obviously something wrong that needs badly to be fixed,
Or the politically correct are in command with their tricks,
Their clemency and pardons are directed by their regulations,
We need binding referendums to stop these complications.

MAR 20TH,2014

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