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A Negative Man Is Highly Stressed

A negative man with vices
Unknowingly or knowingly
He commits mistakes
But he does not assess himself,
Rather expressing falsehood,
He blames others and cries like crocodile,
Expressing his false emotion
He attracts others towards him,
Still he does not get satisfaction.

His negative behavior, many witness
Such a person is highly stressed
Either due to his work pressure
Or conflict at his office or organization
Or due to disturbance in his family
Or due to some any other causes,
A negative man is highly stressed.

Such person's blood pressure remains high
And he jumps up in arrogance or anger,
His anger is harmful to him very much
Although it causes harm to others too,
Such a person is intolerant and violent,
He should be taken care with love
And proper counselling should be done,
Although he takes pill everyday
His stress does not go away.

We have balm in God's wisdom
Once he accepts it,
He gets recovery from stress,
Such a person should evaluate self
And accept right things,
Peace is in God's arm only!

© Kumarmani Mahakul,09 January 2019. All rights reserved.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

Comments (5)

Some of your phrases actually describe me. But not all of them.
Negativity is a disease we should all beware of...it is only in the positive outlook of life that we find treasure. Thank you very much for sharing.
He blames others and cries like crocodile, Expressing his false emotion.blood pressure is high.. bathe in God's wisdom and that is the cure for stress. thank u dear Kumaramani. tony
Genesis of the causes of stress and negativity in a human superbly pointed out along with the only solution to over come it. Thanks for sharing.10 points. Regards.
A very true poem full of wonderful advise enjoyed thanks