My Performance

My act of performing forces me to consider
The trials and tribulations of an era in conflict.
The history of a people shall define a remedy,
Instead of the love shown is a love shared,
Instead of deeds there is warfare and brilliant skies.

The acts of war shall betray a considerable number,
The population diminishes in due time;
Before, the skies rumble and quake due
To the lingering masses and the deceased
Defenders, a lurking few, of losers in faith.

Their deaths reside in the heavens and hell,
Tonight their wreathes are laid under the dome
Of the night, a real night when fortune
Uproots its disciples, and nights prolong
The religion that is fitting for the whole scene.

by Naveed Akram

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Paul Laurence Dunbar was yet another of the poets that Langston Hughes read and studied. The hool in this poem was well repeated by us Afican-American boys. Men long before my day 'came a calling' on a woman. the speaker in this poems is taking his lady home for the evening. looking forward in continuing the night. Jump back, honey jump back. Langston Hughes Poetry society of Pittsburgh